Our family has been using generators for tailgating, camping, and power outages for more than a decade. Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a generator-nerd and the go-to-generator-guy for my friends and family.

We launch this site, 10 Best Power Generators, to help fellow homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts access to the many alternate power-source options. We hope our product reviews and information blog will be helpful to you in your selection of the right power source for you.

Generator Knowledge and Information


In sizing a generator, you will want to first decide what appliances, devices, lights, etc., you really want to run at the same time.

Two fundamental watt numbers you want to gather from each device: starting-watt and running-watt.

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Portable Generator by Watts


A 3400-watt unit is suitable for tailgating, camping and emergency power.

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A 5500-watt unit can be a workhorse for small jobsite and emergency home power.

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A 12,000-watt unit can be used as a jobsite power or a home backup generator in power outage.

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Portable Generator by Fuel Type


Propane is a popular choice of clean fuel. Many models are RV-ready, parallel-ready and capable to run high-amperage tools and appliances.

They are popular power-source for tailgating, camping, jobsite and emergency power outage.

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Portable Generator by Brands


Champion 2000-watt inverter – ultralight & quiet.

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Generac 2500-watt inverter for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Westinghouse 4500-watt inverter for recreation and home emergency.

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Propane vs Gas – who wins the battle? Propane’s power source is a clean burning fuel. Gasoline provides more
power output than propane.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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